First of all, congratulations on being a senior! This year may feel like an arrival, a moment in time to be savored, or just the beginning. Maybe it feels like all three rolled into one. The BEST part is that this year, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Honestly, as good as high school was (and it was so good - I'm still best friends with my high school best friend) I was most excited about the life I would create. {haha I was hoping it would go up from there} AND i remember walking away and just being ready to become the best version of myself.

Well the truth is - is that everyday I'm there - even in the milestone moments of life I'm realizing I always have a choice. And I can choose how I see myself. And that makes such a difference with how I feel, and then next choice I make and what I set out to do in this world. SO I'm RIGHT there with you... in this crazy world, trying to make sense of all of it and yet finding the light, and the beauty and savor the time.

I just feel deep in my soul that this is where I'm suppose to be. AND I'm so TRULY thankful - and really humbled to just be here.

My sessions are designed to be a seamless reflection of your style and the process allows you to essentially be your own curator of how you share who you are with others and celebrate this fantastic time in your life. If I am doing it right I feel like a vessel. Less of the artist identity and more of YOU. I am just awe stricken and amazed at the images we create together.

Photography is intimate right, so connection is huge and so our process starts with a chat. A large part of our dreaming and planning process starts there. From there you pick a session date and our system will guide you from your session to the reveal and picking out prints & product for your home.

I'm SO excited to meet you, so let's chat!!


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